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World Climate Ltd and Carbon Tracker Initiative partner for WCS

World Climate Ltd and Carbon Tracker Initiative partner for WCS

(World Climate Ltd) Paris, Copenhagen, October 14, 2015 - World Climate Ltd on Wednesday announced its partnership with Carbon Tracker Initiative — a team of financial, energy and legal experts with a ground breaking approach to limiting future greenhouse gas emissions—for the upcomingWorld Climate Summit, the original business, finance and government leaders forum during the UNFCCC COP 21.

“At the World Climate Summit we will be laying out in our blueprint series a road map for a climate secure future in energy for both the fossil fuel industry and their investors,” said Anthony Hobley, CEO of Carbon Tracker Initiative. “The World Climate Summit will be an unique opportunity for policy makers, NGOs, energy companies and investors to come together to explore what that transition looks like and how this can be mapped out following Paris.”

At the World Climate Summit, Carbon Tracker Initiative will be organizing a session, entitled “A Roadmap to the Energy Transition: Challenges and Solutions.”

“Carbon Tracker Initiative’s extensive knowledge and expertise on greenhouse gas emissions, the global financial community, and technology combines well with World Climate Summit’s core area of energy transition,” said Michael Mathres, Director at World Climate Ltd, organiser of the World Climate Summit. “I am positive that this partnership will enhance the World Climate Summit programme and the climate change solutions that follow.”

Organised by World Climate Ltd, Sustainia, and Image & Stratégie, the World Climate Summit takes place this year on December 6 in Paris, France. World Climate Ltd has invited top business, finance and government leaders to the Summit to discuss stakeholder relations, green finance and sustainability.

About Carbon Tracker Initiative

The Carbon Tracker Initiative (CTI) is a financial not for profit financial think-tank. Its goal is to align the capital markets with the risks of climate change. Since its inception in 2009 Carbon Tracker has played a pioneering role in popularizing the concepts of the carbon bubble, unburnable carbon and stranded assets. These concepts have entered the financial lexicon and are being taken increasingly seriously by a range of financial institutions including investment banks, ratings agencies, pension funds and asset managers.

About World Climate Ltd

Since 2010, World Climate Ltd has established itself as the foremost international platform on solutions to climate change and accelerating the green economy. It works with governments, financiers, and large corporations in creating growth, innovation and solutions for a low-carbon and resource efficient world. World Climate Ltd is managed by a team of international leaders with more than 50 years of experience combined in developing innovative platforms and strategies in the sustainable space.

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