Day 1 06 Dec 2015

8:00-9:00Networking Room

Registration & Networking

Coffees & Croissants

09:00 – 9:10Plenary Room

Welcome and introduction

Solutions for a Sustainable Future Introduction to “World Climate Summit & Sustainia Awards”, showcasing on how to transform the world in the next 15 years. World Climate Summit: Partnerships for…


Plenary Room

John Bryant
H.E. Hakima El Haite
Yvo de Boer
Huang Ming
H.E. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer
Anders Runevad

Plenary I – The 2030 Solutions Agenda: Vision, Innovation, Action!

We need to accelerate and deepen our response to climate change. This needs top-down commitment, agreements, and action and bottom-up engagement, support and solutions. During the COP21 the governments, business…

11:00 – 12:00Plenary Room and Auditoriums

Paul Fisher
Gérard Moutet
Anne Simpson
Manuel Pulgar Vidal
Eva Halvarsson
Pierre Ducret
Anthony Hobley

A Roadmap to the Energy Transition: Challenges Solutions

Delivered by The Carbon Tracker Initiative. The Carbon Tracker Initiative has, through its analysis, made a strong case that climate risk can pose material threats to the health of the…

11:00 – 12:00Workshop room 2

Maya Ormazabal Herrero
Liza Garay de Vaubernier
Sylvain Vanston
Myles McCarthy
Guy Rickard
Hugh Jones

Corporate response to decarbonising economies to 2050

Delivered by Carbon Trust, supported by AXA Group, Kering and Telefónica. This practitioner-led event will explain how corporates are developing their strategies to build resilience and succeed in a decarbonising…

11:00-12:00Andre Schneider
Todd Edwards
John Kornerup
Jo Scheuer
Christopher Knowles
Tony Seba

Mobilising Non-State Actors for the Post COP21 Agenda – by World Climate Ltd

Introduction: Andre Schneider, Chairman, World Climate Ltd Moderator: James Cameron, Chair, Overseas Development Institute Panel: • Tony Seba, Author & Thought Leader, Stanford University • Christopher Knowles, Head of Climate…

12:00-13:00Plenary Room
Jean-Pierre Clamadieu
David Heurtel
Rachel Kyte
Joan MacNaughton
Joel Makower
Torben Moger Pedersen
Jonathan Taylor

Plenary II – Partnering For Our Future

Partnering For Our Future If we want to succeed in combating climate change and implement the necessary actions decided during COP21, we will need Public-Private Partnerships to support the different

14:00-15:00Plenary Room

Sally Ranney
Dr. Paul Bunje
Ian G McKay
Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson
Chip Comins
Stephan Ouaknine
Jens-Peter Saul
Gregor Robertson
H.E. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer

Plenary III – New Business Models for a Sustainable Development

Sustainability has to be at the heart of the future development of business, this requires new business models and solutions that generate sustainable success. What are some of the existing…

14:00 – 15:30Salle des Seances

Stephanie Batchelor
Dr. Elizabeth Farina
Géraldine Kutas
Jeroen van Campen
Gerard Ostheimer
Dr. James Philp
Marcel Wubbolts
Robert Wright
Barend Verachtert
Glen Murray

Building a sustainable bioeconomy

KEY OBJECTIVES Provide informal input into the COP21 agenda from a range of bio innovation stakeholders Showcase the potential of biobased products and alternative low carbon fuels to help fight…

14:00 – 15:30Seth Wescott
Elizabeth Burakowski
Porter Fox
Michael Brune
Bruno Cercley
Steve Skadron
Ken Berlin

I AM PRO SNOW: The Winter Sports Industry, Mountain Communities, and the Future of Snow – Delivered by the Climate Reality ProjectThe panel will bring together industry leaders, elected officials, professional athletes, journalists and key climate activists for the first time to discuss snow as a recreational resource and as a…
15:00-16:00Plenary Room

Morten Engelstoft
Sir David King
Felipe Calderon
Philippe Joubert
Ignacio Galan

Plenary IV – Innovation & Leadership for 2030

The fight against climate change, the outcomes of the COP21, and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals will set a new set of objectives for the future development for governments, business…


Let Me Take You to Sustainia!

LET ME TAKE YOU TO SUSTAINIA! Introduction by a storyteller REDEFINING GROWTH Connie Hedegaard, Chairman, KR Foundation A WINNER´S TALE Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, CEO, Wecyclers, Sustainia Award winner 2014 CHEERS TO…


Sustainia Award 2015

SOLUTIONS TO MOVE FORWARD A film presenting the 10 Sustainia100 finalists 2015 SOLARPOWERED DRIP IRRIGATION FOR SMALLHOLDERS Food Finalist: Samir Ibrahim, Co-founder CEO, SunCulture LEASING ORGANIC KIDS´ WEAR Fashion…