Dr. Elizabeth Farina

President & CEO – Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA)


Elizabeth Farina (PhD) is the President and CEO of UNICA, the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association, since December 2012. Prior to her current position she was a professor of Economics at the University of Sao Paulo. She was the president of the Brazilian Competition Council from 2004-2008. For more than 10 years Dr. Farina was the vice chair of the agribusiness program at the University of Sao Paulo. She earned a PhD in economics from the University of Sao Paulo in 1983. She obtained full professorship in 2001. Dr. Farina has worked as a consultant in Brazil and other Latin America countries and as economic expert in food and agribusiness strategies. Dr. Farina published 8 books, 14 book chapters, and more than 20 papers in national and international journals.

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Building a sustainable bioeconomy
14:00 – 15:30
Salle des Seances